Notice Board

  • Abhyaas launches residential training program for CLAT 17. Admissions are on.
  • Abhyaas is conducting All India open Mock CLAT in the last week of January 2017
  • New batches for GE/PI starting in the last week of December.
  • Conversion rate of 87.5% in GE/PI rounds in the Top 20 B-Schools.
  • LSAT-2017 Exam notification has been released.

New Batches

GRE-E Kukatpally 21st August
GRE-M Kukatpally 21st August
IELTS- M Kukatpally 21st August
CLAT 18 Kukatpally 26th August
CLAT 19 Kukatpally 26th August
CAT 17(ST) Kukatpally 22nd August
GRE-E Secbad 21st August
CAT 17(ST) Secbad 21st August
CLAT 18 Secbad 26th August
CLAT 19 Secbad 26th August